Pros and Cons on BPO Employment in the Philippines

Many foreign investors and stockholders wants to outsource in the Philippines mainly because of Filipinos are born to patient and hospitable. In contrary,  BPO has a high percentage of employment in the Philippines nowadays. BPO industry started way back 2004-2005 since then BPO is the fastest growing industry in the Philippines.

The Pros being BPO employee are:

  • Fast hiring
  • Intensive English training
  • Competitive salary
  • High Competitive Career driven
  • Customer Service/ Technical service driven

The Cons BPO employee are:

  • Mass Hiring
  • Consistently change depending on the account
  • Working environment of course depends accommodating they are to newbies
  • Stressful work
  • Lack of sleep ( especially when on Graveyard shift)

Being an employee in the BPO industry is challenging however, when you able to adapt into environment you will learn accept and love everything that it consist.

Scrumptious Meal: The Pork Chop Factory

Biñan is well-known for sweet treats like Sapin sapin, Puto Biñan, Buko pie, and Espasol. When I moved in here in this place, I never thought that Biñan also known in Pork chop. The first time I tasted it, the pork was cook to tender with no added preservatives. Since then I did search for a perfect Pork chops in town.

First stop The Pork Chop Factory, we are lucky because the restaurant is near to where I’m living. They usually open from Monday to Sunday from around 10am to 9pm. The restaurant has a non smoking and smoking area with a clean restroom of course.

The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for date night, chilling out or want to destress from hard days of work. As for us, it was Sunday date for both of us since we are both busy throughout the week so I decided to eat out and good thing we found The Pork Chop Factory near us because the Restaurant is at Juana 1 Rosario Complex San Pedro, Laguna.

The array of Menu was great because they pair the pork chops with variety of sauces such as mushroom gravy, mushroom and herb, garlic butter sauce, onion gravy and teriyaki sauce. Further, they four kinds of Pork Chop these are: Factory Grilled Pork Chop, Country Style Breaded Pork Chop and Ham Cheese Stuffed Pork Chop.

As I asked the waitress of their specialty, she provided me two on the menu and these are Factory Grilled Pork Chop and Ham Cheese Stuffed Pork Chop. My love Jen ordered the specialty of the house Factory Grilled Pork Chop with Mushroom Gravy sauce while I ordered The Country Style Breaded Pork Chop with Country Style sauce with the pairing of their of house blended Apple tea.

We’ve waited for our order for just about 10 minutes and while waiting we didn’t notice idle time because the place is a nice place to talk to each other and relax for just the two of us.

Upon the arrival of our order, they first serve the Apple Ice tea in which we both like because it does not over power and set the mood for food. In a few minutes our orders has arrived. The Factory Grilled Pork Chop was tender to taste with grilled marks and the barbecue sauce on top was great and compliment with the Mushroom gravy. Yum! While the Country Style Breaded Pork Chop was cook to perfection and partnered with country-style sauce. Delish! Lastly, the take the punch of .their House Apple Iced tea so it was divine.

To end our date night out, the staff was pleased to us there because they answer all our question and they staff was accommodating and warmly welcome as we enter to the restaurant and as we leave.

Food Rating:

Factory Grilled Pork Chop 5 star

Country Style Breaded Pork Chop 4 star

House Apple Blended tea 5 star with thumps up

Definitely, we’ll return to Pork Chop Factory. Join me and Jen as we discover more restaurants and food parks here in the heart of South.


Open mind to new Horizon: Holy Union

Being a femme is very challenging because the acceptance, trust and love to your are main ingredients when in a relationship with a Lesbian. Further, there are family issues that may underlay as well.  Though many people this kind of relationship do lasts for a lifetime. So, as part being a lady/girl in a Same sex relationship I still have a dream. A girl’s dream to be wed to her love of her life.

In guy and girl relationship or should I say normal relationship, once married the guy can be called HUSBAND and girl can be called his WIFE. On the other hand, Lesbian and Femme relationship, I noticed that pet name when they are in a long-term relationship already. However, it is not fully filled because here in country almost everybody are very closed-minded to who we really are.  Some of us kept on hiding to our society because we are afraid of discrimination, criticism and it boils down to acceptance, trust and understand Philippines can be a better place for us.

As  a Filipino citizen I realize how  Filipino people are very closed-minded and not well-educated to what is happening to the world because of strong influence of Spaniards. Recently, last 2004 Spain already permitted Same sex marriage. They even legalized adoption of same-sex couple not just same sex marriage. So, we should Filipinos render the same courtesy to our Filipino LGBT Community because we are voters too and part of the society as well.

Furthermore, we are voters and a Filipinos however, our voices needs to be heard and to what we can do in our society. Accepting, understanding and trusting us that we can be a better people when Holy union is legalized.

Benefits of Legalizing Holy Union in the Philippines:

  1. Equality no discrimination, no reconstructive criticism
  2. Respect to all LGBT Community- no to physical abuse
  3. No more hiding of identity as who we are
  4. femmes- change and use new married name to government Photo IDs, add our partner to HMO as dependent, for legal adoption

The Philippine Government are aware of this Proposed bill for Same sex-civil marriage to  be pass because it can contribute to open every Filipino’s mind that LGBT people are part our Filipino society.  In addition, we are a democratic country and we believe in fairness to everyone as well.

Finally, we are though a Catholic and we can be an Open minded Catholics just like other country and so not treat us a third world country.  Having a rightful to marry someone you love is not being less of a Roman Catholic person; hence it can bring confidence and trust to the Philippine Government that Philippines is a better and happy place to live in and no other countries.

Nevertheless, we are still Filipinos people who wanted to be loved and be loved. Our plea to our fellow Filipino Catholic people hear what we need to say because if could hear and understand at the same time maybe you will understand where are coming from. We can enlighten why are we pushing through Same sex-civil marriage because of freedom, acceptance to our Filipino society.


Welcoming a New Horizon: Manilascope

It’s been quite awhile since I came back from my writing and blogging. Further, this is one of my first love ever since in High School and Collegiate years. Writing is what I use  during my free time from school and now from work. I can still remember when I first set up my blog years back.

Years a ago blogging is my personal use only wherein I can write whatever my mood and feelings. I used to hide my feelings through back then. In addition, posting photos and other sorts are not included.

Now that I came back to my first love blogging and writing. As I came back, blogging has evolved so much. Change is inevitable so as Blogging. On the other hand, I’m glad that I can develop my skills in writing with the people and partnership of Manilascope.

Manilascope is one of the prestige event management that caterers all events around the Metro Manila. I’m glad to announce that I came part of their family.

So get ready and embrace the change of blogging and be a part of Manilascope events. Follow me together with Manilascope as I embrace my new journey being a blogger. Together we will explore food and travel, and be inspire with my advocacy of being part of LGBT Community.Manilascope website

Lastly, kindly like and share my link above as I embark my new journey together with Manilascope events and looking forward to share more events with everyone.


Jake Zyrus: Brave One

Everyone was surprise with transformation of Charice Pemepengco to Jake Zyrus. Since he was young he has been a public figure because he sang very well. He even became an international sensation because his got a very stunning voice in which everybody loves. However, as he releases his new name; netizens criticized him and even thought that maybe it was a break up he going through.

On the other hand, our LGBT Community Philippines and MEAP was supportive to what he gone through no matter what transformation he has made. Although Filipino Community does not really welcome and accept those things. LGBT Community Philippines and MEAP are always been there to Filipinos and Filipinas going through tough time while discovering themselves.

Being a LGBT myself was huge responsibility at first. Discovering my journey was challenge because family, friends and loved ones are being affected. Like Jake, he got different from netizens; some them are happy and grateful and some people criticized him for the change.

Throughout the years Jake was really public figure apparently, he’s always open to his gender transformation and blunt to what he’s going through however, people immediately judge him and does easily accept openly.  He maybe different outside but he is still the same person who have the love for music.

Charice Pempengco or Jake Zyrus he’s still the same person who has won Filipino’s heart because his beautiful voice and has soulful dedication to his work. Further, he would not be less person now he is Transman. On the other hand, his Grandmother was very disappointed to what happened to him while his mother fully accepted him the way he were right now. Maybe his family needs to take time to understand and accept him and it will take time but we believe in Jake you that you can fix the issue about your family because we believe that family will never leave us no matter and great to hear that his mother always been with him through thick and thin.

Before I finish this blog, to be honest, at first I got hesitation with Jake Zyrus transformation and I apologize for that. Now I perfectly understand where he’s coming from.  This maybe a huge leap for Jake Zyrus we believe in you and we understand what challenging it is for you. As part of LGBT Family we are always here for you.

Charice Pempengco or Jake Zyrus you are still the person whom we have look up because let them see what the real person are you. Salute for being REAL!

Hail to LGBT Community and MEAP!

Pampering time at Top Nails

Few months ago, I’d been working so hard to my writings, looking for part-time jobs and looking for a job to suite my daily needs. Since I was very stressed out with work and my personal life. I decided to stop and think about myself.

I’m a self-confessed footspa and manicure fanatic. I can still remember the first time I moved in this new place wherein I never knew how is good this place can be until I found Top Nails  in which the location is very my place. In addition, they have unique way of Footspa and manicure.

Cuccio Naturale has a very soothing feel on the skin with natural ingredients. Further, their local nail polish was top of the brand because it does comes out easily and I love the way it applies to my nails. Lastly, my attendant massage my feet in a relaxing way with the combination of Dagdagay sticks remove cramps.

I had a great time with Top Nails because their attendant and staff was very friendly and accommodating. I will definitely go back. Good thing I have a loyalty card..hehe

Join a Workshop to Learn Good Coaching Style and Boost Team Performance

Go Up Events Manila [insert hyperlink] invites you to a whole day workshop to help you discover your coaching style, apply principles to communicate with different personalities, and get results using performance management techniques.

Coaching that Sticks – Leadership Training for Supervisors is set on July 15, 2017 at the Selah Garden Hotel.  The event is highly recommended for business owners and professionals who manage direct reports.  Joining is also a great way for you interact with fellow practitioners and relax at the venue.

Marie San Luis, current Training Lead of Convergys Corporation with 12-year experience in people management and customer service will facilitate the session.  Topics to be discussed include:

  • What Type of Coach Are You
  • Coaching Styles and Method
  • Triangle of Emotional Behaviors
  • Knowing your Coachee
  • Understanding Learning Principles

The event is supported by Selah Garden Hotel,  Belle de Jour Planner, Sayonato Branded Bags for Less Philippines,, and Registration fee is Php 3,000 with discounted rate of Php2,000 only for three participants or more coming together.

Visit Go Up Event’s Manila’s website [insert hyperlink] to register and learn more.
Social Media Caption for sharing:  Learn to improve your coaching style and boost team performance.  Join Coaching that Sticks – Leadership Training for Supervisors.  Register here:

McCormick:Tex Mex Flavor Nation Festival

McCormick is one of famous spices and herb in each of every Filipino’s home throughout the year. Furthermore, McCormick spices have been used through both cooking and baking. Today, in cooperation with F&B Report the Famous Food Magazine has set up the feast the mood of food and music.

Hence, McCormick had also collaborated for 4 famous Chefs in the Philippines in which they have put flavorful spices and herbs of McCormick. Further, there is free cooking demo in which came from infamous Chefs in the Philippines namely Locavore’s Chef Mikel Zaguirre, Privatus’ Chef AJ Reyes, Tipple and Slaw’s Chef Francis Lim and Black Sheep’s Patrick Go; they have prepared special dishes for flavorful feast held in BGC Ampitheater.  The good news they provided free sample dishes for first 500 people in the event.

Let’s start with Chef Francis Lim, he prepared Yellow Curry Rice with Fried Chicken and Coconut Gravy Sauce using McCormick Curry Extension. His dish was flavorful yet not overpowering. It also compliments the McCormick Curry Extension he used for the dish. Another dish came from Chef Patrick dish in which he incorporated McCormick spices in it with shrimp. Since I love shrimp so much I find his dish superb. Hence, I want to remake his dish at home.

Lastly, Chef Mikel Zaguirre’s Kare Kare Kushiyaki Green Mango Bagoong Pico De Gallo and he incorporated his dish with Kare Kare Recipe Mix of McCormick. Well, I’m a Kare Kare lover myself to confess. At the time that I tasted his dish during the event, I was amazed by taste of it. It has a unique flavor and it does not overpower the taste especially when Bagoong was put on top of it. Furthermore, there’s a cute little petchay that serve as compliment to whole dish for which it make happy.

The event as whole was fun-filled with good people because you can meet new friends alike that appreciates good comfort food. In addition, it has accent of good music coming from Tandems ’91 and Jensen and the Flips perform live at the event. Aside from new people who I met earlier from the event, my palette has been very satisfied to all food prepared because all of them are 100% delicious.